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Now that you have decided to learn French, the next big question is how long it will take to fully understand the language. The answer is, there is no definite time that we can say is the official period you can learn French. The answer will depend on the following:

  • Your definition of learning

You need to know to what extent you learn the French language. If you need to be in good at speaking French just like your native language, it will take some time. If you only need to learn the basics that will allow you to hold a decent conversation, you can take a shorter time.

  • Your level of exposure

If you live in a place where there are French-speaking people, you will take a shorter time to learn the language as you will have plenty of room to practice what you learn. As you listen to other French-speakers, it will be possible to follow what they are saying and with time, you will engage them in a conversation.

  • The amount of time and the effort you are willing to put in

Just like learning any other subject, the more committed you are, the faster you will get what is being taught. If you are able to spend more time studying the French language, it will take you less time to grasp what you are being taught.

  • Your native language

If your native is closely related to French, you will take less time to learn the language. This means that two people studying the language will take different durations to learn the language.

There will be challenges as you embark on this journey but if you maintain your focus, you will achieve your goals. As long as you are interested and you are willing to invest your time, and your energy, you will be a fluent French speaker.

You can choose the self-study method or go to a learning institution where you will be taught by professionals.